• Chicco Unico Plus – your safe companion right from the very first day
  • The multi-group child car seat Unico Plus by Chicco is approved for groups 0+ / 1/2/3 and combines safety, comfort and practicality.
  • Key features at a glance:
  • Age recommendation: from birth up to approx. 12 years
  • Car Seat Standard: ECE R44 / 04
  • Padded seat reducer: ensures the ergonomic position of the baby
  • Installation: Group 0+: Isofix and Top Tether, from group 1: Isofix and 3-point belt
  • Side impact protection: provides additional protection
  • Fit-Kit: shows how the child car seat is used in which group
  • Air collection: special 3D fabric in the areas where the child sweats the most
  • Weight: 8.8 kg
  • 3 years structural warranty from Kiddo Pacific Company Limited Headquarters
  • 5 years car seat accident insurance (change to new structure for free)
  • After the product inspection With free product cleaning service (Total value of 3,200 baht)
  • Imported and distributed by Kiddo Pacific Company Limited
  • Safe – Convenient – Practical
  • The Chicco Unico Plus accompanies you and your baby from birth and always provides the necessary security, comfort and practicality. The installation by using Isofix and Top Tether (group 0+) and later using Isofix and 3-point belt (from group 1) is very easy. The padded seat reducer ensures that even the youngest ones are in the correct, ergonomic position. In the Air collection, the Unico Plus comes with a summer and a winter side and thus offers even more comfort. The built-in side impact protection offers the necessary level of safety in the event of a side impact.
  • Greatest possible flexibility with high security
  • The installation of the Chicco Unico Plus in your car can be done in different ways. As group 0+ child car seat, you can attach it either with Isofix and Top Tether or with Isofix and 3-point belt. Please note that children in this group ride in a rear-facing mode. If you want to install the child car seat on the front passenger seat, please remember to deactivate the front airbags. From a weight of 9kg, your baby can be turned as to ride in a forward-facing mode. Thanks to the built-in rotation system, the seat does not have to be removed. In group 0+ and group 1 (up to approx. 4 years / 9-18kg) your child is secured with the built-in belt system. From a weight of approximately 15 kg, you can secure your child with your car’s own 3-point belt. The adjustable headrest ensures a long use until the end of the child car seat requirement period. Easily understandable instructions on the child car seat also make it clear how it is used in which group.

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